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donghe electric participated in chengdu seminar on digital economy development in wenzhou
Date Of Publication:2018-12-26 11:31:00


From December 3 to 7, Donghe Company participated in the "Wenzhou Digital Economic Development Chengdu Seminar" sponsored by Wenzhou Economic and Informatization Committee. The relevant leaders of Zhejiang Donghe Electric Co., Ltd. and the listed companies Yihua Holding Group and Wancong Group participated as representatives of Yueqing Enterprises in the related activities of the study in Chengdu.


Digital economy has become the No. 1 project of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Wenzhou Municipal Committee. Digital economy is the commanding point of global industrial competition in the new era, and has become the engine of China's economic growth and the new momentum of Wenzhou's development.


Through on-the-spot investigation, case analysis, exchange and docking, we can understand the policy measures and experience of the development of Chengdu digital economy core industry from various aspects, and explore the practices of enterprises in digital design, integration and promotion of "two modernizations", development of industrial Internet platform and intelligent manufacturing. The main courses include: SAP software application and security sharing; Professor Zhao Wu, Vice Dean of Manufacturing College, Sichuan University, sharing intelligent manufacturing cases; Professor Jin Xuejun, Central Party School, telling about digital economy promoting industrial transformation and upgrading; Zeng Xuefeng, Vice General Manager of Zhongdian Cailuo Fireworks Workshop, elaborating on the construction of digital economic platform and innovation of management mode, etc.


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