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donghe precision sheet metal manufacturing department achieves a new high in tonnage and product quantity
Date Of Publication:2019-01-09 13:20:00

As a leading manufacturer of precision high-end three-box sheet metal, Donghe Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department has received good news. In the last two months of 2018, Donghe Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department has created many firsts. The usage of stainless steel sheet exceeds 100 tons per month for the first time, and that of cold rolled steel exceeds 200 tons per month for the first time. Especially after the invitation of tenders in September, the demand for JP cabinets has increased dramatically, and the single product model has achieved nearly 2000 best results in continuous production and delivery.


On the premise of great changes in the technical requirements of national network bidding, the technical department of our company responds quickly to the customer's needs and actively goes to the customer's front line to discuss the technical and technological requirements. With many years of professional JP cabinet national network production experience and technical strength, we can achieve one-day communication. The next day, we provide the good effect of the various indicators of the prototype through inspection and acceptance smoothly, so as to lay a solid foundation for the customers to solve the A good foundation has been laid. Production colleagues are too busy to work overtime to catch up with the goods; assembly team tries to arrange the installation sequence in an orderly manner and optimize the collocation of personnel rationally; logistics team arranges the number of delivery desks and vehicles for the next day every night to ensure that customers are provided with high-quality products and services on time every day. It is worth mentioning that when the customer leads the production, quality inspection, technology, procurement and other departments with thickness gauges and optical analyzers and other equipment to temporarily come to the production workshop to inspect the product quality, process, thickness and other rigid indicators, after the inspection, the customer finally reassured, and said to Chen Gong, our operation manager: "Because we have suffered losses from individual suppliers before, so we are particularly worried about it." Only then will the surprise come to inspect, now really see our products, that we have found the right person, for us to solve the burning urgency. Your Donghe company not only has timely service, excellent quality, advanced technology, but also does not cut corners, fully in accordance with the requirements of the national network and the contract, now you can rest assured, sincerely thank you for such a partner.

As the pioneer of non-standard sheet metal customization model, the company adheres to customer demand-oriented, actively implements system and management innovation, does a good job in market development and maintenance, adopts flexible marketing means, three sales channels based on domestic key customers, intermediaries as a link, and export as a breakthrough. Within two years, the company will be with two-fifths of the local top 20 enterprises. Three listed companies have established strategic cooperation, with an average annual sales growth of 65% in the past three years. The company has reformed its flat organizational structure, adopted the mode of "one person, one machine" integration, changed the situation of passive docking between the production department and the sales department, implemented the "pull-pull" between production and marketing, and strengthened the scientificity and rationality of the production scheduling plan. Through strengthening production organization and coordination, taking process obedience as guidance, doing a good job of linking up the various processes and the internal processes, striving to solve the contradiction of unbalanced non-standard production capacity, breaking the bottleneck restricting the increase of product output, rapidly improving efficiency and releasing production capacity, the output began to rise from dozens of tons in February 2017, and up to now, the achievement of 100 tons has been achieved.

At the same time, in the past two years, the company has continued to invest in high-end equipment and ERP system software, such as high-end laser cutting machine, numerical control automatic shearing machine, numerical control automatic bending machine, heavy punch, automatic spray line, etc., to expand the plant area of nearly 10,000 square meters, increase the development and investment of moulds, innovate process and technology, improve fixture design, and successfully develop and manufacture new energy car energy storage box, DTU box and new type. A series of new products, such as waste gas treatment environmental protection cabinet, solar high-pressure energy storage box, driver control box, export photovoltaic box, fresh air fan, water conservancy module, etc. While guaranteeing quantity, quality control is constantly strengthened to make up for some shortcomings in quality, and strict testing is carried out in accordance with quality management regulations to ensure product quality. In addition, the company has formulated a relatively complete assessment of departments and individuals, implemented the "partnership for career development" and virtual bonus sharing incentives and incentives, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres and workers in production, and enhance the effect of tapping the potential.


(Contribution from Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department)

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