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Donghe Electric's "New Year Party and Award Presentation Ceremony 2019" was held smoothly
Date Of Publication:2019-01-10 15:40:00



At 17:30 p.m. on January 6, 2019, all employees of Donghe Electric Company held a New Year's Eve and Award Presentation Ceremony with the theme of "Keeping the Right and Innovating the Way Forward". Everyone gathered at the party to have a good drink and enjoy the festival.



At the beginning of the 2019 meeting, the management of the company sent a New Year's greeting to all employees, expressing their deep concern for everyone and the expectation of the company's development. The development of Donghe Electric can not be separated from the hard work of front-line employees; today, Donghe Electric can not be separated from the joint efforts of front-line employees, a pay must have a return.


(Mr. Chen Jilai, the general manager of the company, commended and awarded the old employees.)

During the party, we increased the lively atmosphere of the scene through group games, so that employees can fully show themselves, recognize themselves and identify with the corporate family in the process of the annual meeting.

The second half of the evening is the successive lottery links of the participants. The exciting lottery activities make the whole evening climax, enrich the staff's life, and at the same time, it is also a thank-you to all the staff for their hard work in the past year.


The annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of all staff of Donghe.


Looking back on 2018, we will work together, strive hard and harvest together. Looking forward to 2019, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to the future of Donghe Electric will be more brilliant.

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