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Donghe electric won six copyrights in computer software
Date Of Publication:2019-02-28 16:03:00

Recently, six software items independently developed by Zhejiang Donghe Electric Co., Ltd. have obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate of the State Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China. They are: "Donghe Pre-installed Substation Electrical Distribution Feedback System V1.0", "Gas Insulated Ring Network Intelligent Safety Monitoring and Protection System V1.0", "Distribution Box AC Voltage Control System V1.0", "Electric Energy Metering Box Embedded Management Software V1.0", "Cable Tap Box Fault Intelligent Detection System Software V1.0", "Grid Connection Box Power Supply Control Management System V1.0".0.jpgIn recent years, Donghe Electric has continuously strengthened its independent R&D and innovation efforts, actively seeking benefits from science and technology and achievements from R&D, and has made active exploration in the field of high-end customization of high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of electrical and precision sheet metal. The acquisition of these software copyright is a perfect reflection of Donghe Electric's benefit to science and technology and achievement to research and development. It further proves that Donghe Electric has strong technical strength and strong innovation ability in science and technology research and development, greatly improves the industry competitiveness of Donghe Electric, and provides solid scientific and technological backup for the rapid development of Donghe Electric. 1.jpg

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